Friday...comin' right 'attcha

How much more is there to say...really? Everyone out there happy it's Friday? I know I am. Not for any real reason...just ready for another weekend. What do you have planned? Not much on the agenda for me...a haircut, some time at the gym, and all the usual *fun and excitement*. I am really thinking about taking a kettle bell class (I know that was kind of a random thought :) I've been using the kettle bells at my gym on my own (with the guidance of some of the trainers and a little online research) but I feel like I would do it more intensely if I was doing it with others. I also really wanted to take a spin class but I can't find one in my area to save my life. Next best thing...some pretty good apps, great music, more online research and I created my own. Do you work out? What's your absolute fave way to get in shape (and stay in shape :) ?
*Cool Friday pic from the tumblr hello hello

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