Fall Into the Ads

Do you read fashion mags for the same reason some people watch the Super Bowl? Only for the ads? In that case, you may want to check out NY Mag's Fall Fashion Ads slideshow with all the ads the big fashion houses are distributing for upcoming issues. What's great is that NY Mag was smart enough to list the designer, the model and the photographer in each image so you can play my favorite game of Who's that model? or Who's that photographer? These ads for Tom Ford caught my eye. Delish!

~JP Pullos

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  1. Do we love ads? Is the proverbial Pope catholic? Well, I used to live for the ads in mags and back in the 90's you could do that. Since that amazing ad decade, things have been a little less than inspiration but I really see a bit of a turn around happening...especially in the last couple of years. Prada has been a real standout lately (I'm partial because they've featured stripes and short hair). These ads you posted are out of this world JP! But it's Tom Ford...so there there's no surprise in that!