The Wedding

I admit...I couldn't care less about the British royals...or any other royals for that matter. I know that isn't very 'Ooh La La Du Jour-y' of me to say, but it's the honest truth. I can't think of people on this earth I find less interesting than this family, bar none.

Hmmm...but all that said, I kind of 100% agree with this cover of Newsweek magazine. As it says, "In a world gone to hell, thank God, a wedding". Even though wonderful things are happening in the world every day, there does seem to be so much more to be worried about. It's such a cliche to talk about all that's wrong...but today, in 2011, there really is so much that is unsettling. The wedding of William and Kate won't change any of that...but for a few hours on April 29, even I admit, I will be swept away by it all :)

Do you have any special plans for watching the wedding? Skipping work that morning perhaps to enjoy the spectacle with tea and crumpets. I say, we all have fun with it!

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