Casual chic envy

There is not one single, solitary thing about this photo via The Sartorialist that I do not love. I'm going to have to assume that it is not staged, but it's so bloody perfect that it almost makes me a bit suspicious. I love everything from head (literally, her hair color is simply stunning) to toe. I love the subtle, natural tones of her outfit and the way her Longchamp bag and little 'Keds' are perfectly matched. Once again, the Sartorialist manages to validate everything I love about fashion. It is best at its simplest :)

(One more word about that gorgeous, navy Longchamp bag that kind of steals the show in this photo. So I love Longchamps...who doesn't right. I have a couple of different styles (backpack and messenger bag) but not this classic 'Pliage'. Ask Laura...I have gone back and forth on buying one forever...until recently when I kind of abandoned the idea all together. The problem?  You see, they are very popular on campus here at the UofR. I see them everywhere and on everyone...salt damaged, used as gym bags (the girls soft-ball team in particular seems to love them) and well, now they are ruined for me. KJ will know what I'm talking about. So will Laura. I just can't hold them in the esteem I did, when I see them, totally used and abused. This photo however...and this girl are renewing the once fading love. Ooh La La!)

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