Guest Blog - My Bill Obsession

Thus far, ooh la la readers, I have not disclosed too much about myself but I feel it appropriate to do so for the purposes of this particular post. I am a photographer. For three solid years you could find me on the red carpets of Manhattan's toniest parties shooting images of all matter of celebrity. In fact, I have captured images of many of the people this blog obsesses over, like Anna Wintour and Tyra Banks. Of all of the celebrities I have had the pleasure of photographing, there is one person I have been captivated by more than any other during my sojourn through the enchanted land of the rich and famous. That person, you'll be surprised to find out, was a fellow photographer, a man I often found myself standing beside at various events. His name is Bill Cunningham.

I was not surprised that a quick search of the ooh la la archives uncovered KJ's fascination with him as well. He is a charming and delightful man who, for me, upholds the ideals of creative purity and diligence. I aspire to the singularity of his vision as a street photographer. I was absolutely delighted to see this article in NY Magazine, describing Mr. Cunningham's early work as a hat designer. A truly creative person, after all, is rarely only creative in one field. His creations are nothing short of bizarre and, to me, completely fascinating. The more I learn about Bill Cunningham, the more I adore him!

~JP Pullos


  1. This is an absolutely WONDERFUL post J.p. ... for so many reason. So wonderful in fact that I am not sure where to begin...so let me start with this; I have to admit that while I knew you were a working photographer in the city, I (your great friend and admirer from WAY back) did not know that you had such a glamorous and exciting side to you career! Photographing the likes of Anna catapults you to star status on Ooh La La! I knew we were lucky to have you blogging for us before but this just shows me what a perfect match you are for this blog.

    That said, you are 100% to note that this blog and KJ in particular are massive fans of Bill Cunningham. There is just nothing I don't love about him and to know that you've had personal contact with him and he is just as delightful as he seems makes everything that much sweeter!

    As for Bill himself...well, he is a pioneer in a field that is full of imitators. He is one of the first to recognize the beauty and style in all of us and it is no surprise to me that you are inspired him and his work because he is one of a kind, irreplaceable, always creative and a true artist.

    Ooh La La!

  2. So much for us to catch up on and I'm so glad we're able to do it through this blog!!