Saw it coming a mile away

Have you heard about the little brouhaha over at J.Crew? I have to say, I saw this one coming. Personally, I think it's a minor thing that won't amount to much but the fact that I just knew people would get all nutty about it reminds me of how old I am. So if you don't know, the latest J.Crew catalog features Jenna Lyons and her son, romping around, having a lovely time...mother and son, painting their toenails in a bright and beautiful pink. The line of text accompanying the pic...'Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon'.

What do you think? I was a little taken aback when I first saw it...and like I said, I knew there would be folks who could generate enough energy to get riled up about it. Do you see a problem? Bottom line, I see a mother and son having fun. Something wrong with that? Nah.


  1. Saw this and LOVED it. I photographed Ms. Lyons at a J. Crew event and, at the time, didn't know who she was but I was totally taken with her. Her style was flawless and seemed, to me, completely organic to her. (That pic, BTW, ended up in a NY Times story about her.) LOVE this ad. It made me want to hang out with both of them and paint my nails pink!

  2. Jenna Lyons is kind of a genius and while I barely ever buy anything from JCrew anymore (WAY the hell too expensive) I do still love it and it will always be a look I aspire too.

    As for this toenail thing...in fairness, I think it was one guy at Fox who ranted about it. At this point I think it is every one who has reacted to that first rant, who is blowing this out of proportion. Who cares what one guy on Fox said?!? It's a free country and he can say whatever he wants. Blowing up at this guy for expressing his opinion is as stupid, as what he said.