A bike for 'tootling' around

Kate Spade and co. are clearly not capable of doing anything less than
adorable...and this new bike collaboration with Adeline Adeline is no exception. The color...the basket...it's the perfect combo for...as they put it 'tootling around town'. Simply smashing :)

And check out their wonderful promotional video. I want to hop on a bike and tool around town....now!


  1. This video is Glorious! I didn't want it to end! This just made my day it has all my favorite things: bikes, puppy, cupcakes, beautiful flower basket. What a work of art! I hope you don't mind if I repost on soulrun:)

  2. Well, I was hoping you would Laura! And I am glad you loved it as much as me. Like all Kate Spade pieces...this video really is a work of art!