The Beach ... in a bottle

I admit...every time I saw one of those Yankee Candle stores go up, here in upstate, I used to kind of laugh. Really (I'd think to myself) do we need a candle store in Rochester where we barely have decent clothing stores!?! Then one day, I was getting my hair cut at Maria's.  She is a stylist who works out of her house ( it's wonderful, I might add) and she lit a Yankee Candle...apple cinnamon, I believe. Well, from that day on, I laughed no more. Oh Yankee Candles really are pretty heavenly. I recently discovered all their 'beach' themed scents and I could not love them more. And the lesson learned...don't scoff at something so popular...'cause there is usually a darn good reason for it :)
A few other varieties I have my eye on...Mmmmmm.

I suppose I am feeling a little beachy today...what with these candles and 'shell post' below and all :)


  1. I'm loving your beach inspired posts! Its so funny because I used to think yankee candles were not for me until mom gave me one which I lit everyday in my sweat shop and it was so awesome! I even bought a few different flavors and it smelled so nice in the shop, total aromatherapy. I am definitely going to get these flavors for my beachy sweat shop in Kiawah:)

  2. Oh this will be lovely for your beachy sweat shop Laura! That's hilarious that mom gave you your first one! I'm telling you...listen to biggums. She knows what time it is :)

    And I have had such a turn around with these Yankee Candles. I thought they were so stupid and hokey...and expensive frankly. But they are worth every penny and they have the most fantastic scents that (more importantly) don't gross me out after 5 min of burning. Now that I know you like them...I love them even more!