If this commercial doesn't give you a chill...check your pulse

Nike ads...my love of them is getting rather redundant, isn't it? Just when I thought I had seen them all, I discovered this one, this past weekend (via my way-too wonderful iPhone) from 2008. Directed by David Fincher (whose film credits only include 'Fight Club' and 'The Social Network', to name a couple) this commercial is positively epic. Throw in the amazing and famous theme 'Ecstasy of Gold' from the the classic movie 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' and you have an ad puts all other ads to shame. Do you have to be a football fan to love it? No way.


  1. Seriously Laura, I would watch this ad a million times a day and never get sick of it. My favorite comment about the video...someone wrote, "watching Polamalu run steps in the snow makes me want to run steps for the rest of my life".

    Could not agree more! Keep them coming Nike!