Come on summer!

Guess what? It's nice here today. I know...I know...you might actually not have to listen to me gripe about the stupid weather. And nice is kind of relative...I mean it is very sunny, and rather mild but super, crazy windy (like, 'I hope the roof is still on when I get home' windy :) All that said, I've been checking out the offerings summer 2011-wise, at my fave stores and I have to admit, I'm really seeing some stuff I like. For instance, look at this gorgeous butterfly skirt from LL Bean Signature. So lovely. Perfect for work. Perfect for a summer garden party. Really, just perfect.

While we are on the subject...do you have particular summer style? Are you all about skirts and sun dresses...or maybe you love capris and shorts? I'd love to know your faves...and where you get them :)

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