Guest Blog - All that glitters is GOLD!

I have a long and storied history with shoes that have appeared on Saturday Night Live. It all started on April 20, 1996. That night, Dave Matthews was the musical guest and, for both of his songs, he wore blue pajama bottoms and dark blue Dr. Martens shoes. I became immediately obsessed with those shoes. I found myself buying the very same pair of shoes and I, actually, still have that first pair under my bed. They lasted about eight years before they were unwearable but I kept them anyway. As my boyfriend will tell you, I am obsessed with blue shoes and you'll rarely see another color on my feet.

I am, however, considering mixing up my footwear and this comes in no small part to shoes I just saw Elton John wearing on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Leave it to Elton John to be amazing, fabulous and trend-setting! His shoes of choice, during his opening monologue, were gold! Fantastic!

The image above is a photo I snapped at a Phillip Lim fashion show in September of 2009. The shoes are gorgeous. I considered gold shoes then and even thought about buying a pair but the deal is sealed, now that I've seen Elton John wearing them. I'll still keep on with my blue obsession but, as soon as I can find some (affordable) gold shoes, you'll probably catch me sporting them around town every so often. I have long believed and still firmly stand by my conviction that shoes make the man. Gold is a risky and bold color to work into your fashion repertoire. Here's hoping I can pull it off!

~JP Pullos


  1. Oh god J.p....talk about hitting posts out of the park. Another fantastic one...and again, for several reasons. Let's start with perhaps the most fascinating fact I didn't know about you...and one that has to be unique to you and you alone...your obsession with shoes that appear on SNL. OK, that awesome and hilarious all rolled into one! I am the first one to understand a show obsession too. For some reason, more than any other article of clothing or accessory, when I become fixated on a shoe...that's it...I must have it! And I too and 100% loyal to my shoes (one of my first posts for this blog was about my J.Crew, lug-sole, Mary Janes circa 1998...which I still have and still covet...but I digress).

    Ooh La La has always loved Dr. Martens ... my super-stylin sister was the one who turned me on to them and I've have 4 pairs since. Fabulous choice if you are going to be obsessed. But now, it looks as though gold has stolen your heart...and why not!! I absolutely adore metallic in shoes (it's like you were reading my mind because I am after a pair of silver metallic sandals for the summer) and gold is as bold as bold can be.

    Can you pull it off?!? Good heavens, of course!!! You are J.p and you are so fantastic...it's like they were made for you :)

  2. Hm... I might have to post a pic of myself in gold shoes and let ooh la la readers decide!