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I went out looking for Mom's Day gift today and I was drawn like a magnet to a little store that I rarely walk into called Kate Spade. I couldn't put two and two together until it dawned on me that I've been reading ooh la la every day for many weeks now. I think it's been seeping into my brain. Great news for my mom since she'll be getting this awesome little cosmetic case. Cause what Mom doesn't love having a lovely little thing like this sitting on her bathroom counter? Fabu!!

~JP Pullos

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  1. Oh my god JP...there are about 12 reasons why I could not love this post more! Let's start with reason #1...your mom is about to get the most wonderful little present she will ever get (other than such a wonderful son :) Be prepared because if she is anything like the rest of the universe, she will also be hooked on the loveliness that is Kate Spade. Kudos on an awesome gift!

    Reason #2...I love that Ooh La La Dujour has so seeped in your psyche that you are drawn to our obsessions like a moth to a flame. I will be receiving my Kate Spade package tomorrow and I can barely stand it. I just downloaded the UPS app on my iPhone so that I can track my package, minute by minute. Yes, I'm crazy :)

    Great post JP!