Getting ready...and how to stay awake for the big day :)

OK kids...does everyone have a plan for April 29...the big wedding day? I have no idea why I am so excited for this event. Well, actually I know exactly why...first, who doesn't love a wedding. Only a real curmudgeon really. Second, I so clearly remember the wedding of Charles and Di. Well, to be frank, I didn't know what the heck was going on, until the morning that we watched it. I was around 13 and the time and I remember thinking (even then) man, this is totally over-the-top. Third, (and this is a bit of a reach but...) William and I share the same birth date :)

Trying to figure up how you will stay up (4am for us east-coaster, 1am for you poor guys on the west)? Self Mag. has a pretty entertaining article to help you through. I think I'll be able to do it...with a little coffee and a bit of texting to Laura :)

(Fantastic 'invite' from Etsy shop 76th Streetlink)

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