Guest Blog - The healthy addiction - New Blog!

It might be a bit much to say that my friend, Kiyomi, has a blog obsession but what I can tell you is that she spends a significant amount of her time thinking about names for blogs, in much the same way I spend way too much time thinking of new band names. While I will never start a band, since I have no musical talent whatsoever, Kiyomi actually has two talents that make her supremely qualified to start her own blog. First, she has an eye for fashion. Second, she's a talented poet. I am very proud to introduce you, ooh la la readers, to Kiyomi's new blog, which I am totally impressed by. The name of the blog is The New Yorkher, a witty play on words that should allude to the wonderful cornucopia of images and poetry that await you. So go, now, to this fantastic new place in cyberspace and bookmark her site. I have a feeling Kiyomi is just getting warmed up.

~JP Pullos


  1. JP you are completely on target when you say Kiyomi is an ideal candidate for a blog ... and boy, does this one have the potential to be a beauty. I have already had some contact with Kiyomi and what I love is how I can already she her intense devotion to the medium (can we call it that now?) of blogging. I think something that makes a great blog is being an obvious fan of other blogs. This kind of information sharing is so rich and I love all the access to all the voices we have now. I look forward to following this blog...it's already going on my list of daily reads :)

  2. Thank you so much, JP and Katie! You are both inspirations to me! :D


  3. Oh...how lovely Kiyomi! I am so excited to be able to help introduce your blog. I think the sky is the limit because it's just gorgeous!