Happy Friday - Welcome Jack!

Hi kids! Here comes the weekend. Everyone ready...'cause I sure am. Man, there's a lot going on including the always awesome Visual Studies Workshop Auction which is tonight. Such a great cause, with beautiful pieces to bid on and a chance to catch up with folks I wish I could see more often...maybe I'll take some pics this year :) On Sunday, Chris and I are headed to Toronto...taking his father to the airport... but as long as we are there, a trip to Greek town will certainly be in order. Of course maybe the best news of the weekend...ah...it's going to be 70 degreeeeeess!!!!!!!! I am so excited I can barely stand it.

So the biggest news of the week has been the arrival of KJ's beautiful son Jack. I hope she won't mind me posting this adorable new pic of him. I also hope she won't mind if I say a few words on the concept of adoption and what an amazing thing I think she and her husband have done. You know, I've always been a great fan of adoption...it just seems so logical to me...but KJ has brought me closer to the process and result than I have ever been. At some point, while perusing the new pics of this gorgeous little boy it hit me...harder than it ever has before. Jack now has a home. As someone who grew up with an amazing family, I know how important this is, and that not every child is as lucky. I think I even knew this AS a child...that my family was special and that I was indeed, very fortunate. When I look at Jack, I realize that, up until a little while ago, he was in a precarious position. And now, here he sits, eating apple puree, surrounded by people who adore him, will do anything for him. It's incredible and overwhelming. 
I am so proud of KJ and her family...for seeing this process through and for giving this little boy the love and the chance every child deserves. I am looking forward to the day when I can meet Jack...so I can let him know that his family extends far and wide...and that he has the best parents anyone could ever ask for.

And just as an aside...how much do you dig his 'Who' t-shirt and 'jeggings'...which by the way, is what his auntie Katiep is also wearing today...well, the jeggings anyway :)

XOXO Have a great one!

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  1. Many, many congrats from JP to KJ!!! He's absolutely adorable!!