And so, it begins...

 Good morning kids! A bit bleary eyed from watching the royal spectacle? I hope you got a chance to at least catch a bit because, well, the wedding really was quite amazing. From the moment the newly crowned Princess Catherine emerged from her glorious Rolls in the elegant and pitch-perfect Sarah Burton for Alexande McQueen dress (a fact that, in-and-of-itself almost brought me to tears) I knew one thing... I like this couple. Because, here's the thing... aside from all the pomp and circumstance...all you need to make an occasion like this truly wonderful is two people who actually love each other. And call me crazy, but I think William and Catherine do :)

Other highlights for me: 

1) Pippa! - I'm a new fan. She looked completely gorgeous...thoroughly modern (LOVE that she wore white as well!)...and I simply adore her name. 

2)Becks and Posh - Is there a way I can hire these 2, to come to every function, I am a part of? They just make everything look better.

3)London - You are truly calling me :)

Have a lovely Royal Wedding Friday !


  1. You and me. London. For a week. How much friggin fun would we have? Now that would be an amazing trip!!

  2. Oh my god JP...this is a must do!!!!!!!!! And you are already an London expert...I remember you that your study abroad was there!