A Very Merry Christmas to all :)

To my dear family and friends...mom, my dad, Laura, Joe and Chris...I wish you the  merriest, cheeriest, most fabulous Christmas you have had yet. I don't know where I'd be without any of you...I don't want to know. You are all the best and the very reason I love the holidays so.

To KJ and her beautiful family...a truly treasured experience is finally here. A first Christmas with baby son Jack. The joy I know this brings you, makes me tear up just thinking of it.

JP...our new friend at Ooh La La...I am so happy for this chance to renew our friendship...which could never ever get old. After all these years, working together again. Have an amazing NYC holiday season!

I say it every year but it becomes more meaningful every year...remember all that we have to be so thankful for. Sometimes life is tough...and sometimes, well it's just joyful. Let this season remind you of the joy.

XOXO Katiep

*lovely watercolor by the always brilliant Caitlin McGauley

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