The happiest week of the year :)

Merry merry post-Christmas kids! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Mine, well, it is was the best. I told Chris that there was no way I could be melancholy about Christmas being over (which I always am...just a bit) because I had such a lovely time. On Christmas eve, we had a fabulous dinner and took our traditional drive around town to check out the neighborhood Christmas lights. One street in Henrietta, NY was particularly spectacular and may have made my year. There was music, and each every house, including the one decked out for Hannukah was totally over the top...i.e. incredible! Bless these awesome folks for having so much holiday spirit!
Christmas morning brought a delicious french toast breakfast and present opening.
Chris had my adorable strawberryluna print framed :) Love.
Of course the best thing about the holidays is giving gifts. Laura is one the most fun people to give gifts too. She appreciates everything, right down to the wrapping. Here is my Christmas box 'o gifts to her.
Merry Christmas Zeus!!

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