So, where have you been since Thanksgiving KatieP ?

I know, I know...you are all sick of hearing my lame excuses for not posting, so I am not even going to try to explain myself. I'm just going to post when I can :) That said, how the heck was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was lovely, right down to the very last minutes on Sunday night when I asked Chris where the time went. Well, at least I know I had lots of fun. The highlight was definitely Friday afternoon, when Chris and I, convoyed out with our friends, Kris and Dan to Keymel's to cut down a beautiful Christmas tree. I've had an artificial tree the past couple years but can I tell you...nothing...absolutely nothing, beats an awesome, fresh tree. And the whole experience was such fun. We had a little trouble finding the place but thanks to Dan's persistence, we arrived at Keymel's after a lovely drive out to Walworth, NY. The folks at Keymel's loaded us onto a hay-filled cart and took us out to the trees. It just happened to be a warm 58 degrees, so picking out a tree could not have been more fun.
Here is Chris, with the tree he spotted...a real beauty.
And here I am, still out in the field...guarding my prize :) What a way to kick off the holidays for 2011!


  1. Beautiful Tree! Oh and I love the monkey fleece your wearing!;-)

  2. I finally figured out why I am always cold. I've never had a Mountain Hardware monkey fleece jacket!

    Such a fun time!