Guess what I spotted in the Wegmans Christmas section yesterday? My favorite ornaments...S'mores! Last year, Laura got me so into these. At first, I thought they were the silliest thing I had ever seen. Marshmallow s'mores dressed in little outfits?! Now, I am hooked. I bought 2 last year and plan on adding a couple new ones to the tree every year. They come in all sorts of little characters...there really is one for everyone. Super kitschy and very cute!


  1. love smores and love these ornaments even more! wegmans is opening another location near us and we're heading out bright & early sunday morning to beat the crowds! i love opening days!!!!

  2. These ornaments make my day!! They are so cute, and they are always doing some fun activity. One playing baseball, snowboarding, playing football, so cute!! I can't wait to bust them out, pretty soon!!! :-)