art therapy

Hello everyone..Hope you're all having a pleasant Wed. morning....Sorry for the infrequent posts...I'm experiencing some jitters as of late....Too many things on my plate unfortunately!
I did want to post about something that I've been passionately working on during my down time.
I've discovered the joys of painting & I've made my mom obsessed with it too! As of late, we're practicing our acrylic painting skills by drawing Gemma Correll's lovely chubsters! Not only is art therapeutic, we're having a ball looking at our finished products. Our family is going through some stressful times, but when we paint we feel just a tad bit better about everything....we're calmer, a bit cheerier.....What more can you ask for, right?

**As a side note: I'm getting the adorable tote above as a gift this week! I'm super excited to receive my shipment all the way over from England.....


  1. That is great Ms. M. You know who will totally agree with you...Laura. When we were going some truly stressful stuff in '07, she picked up her paints and did her wonderful first series of cupcakes. What is it about painting that is so therapeutic? And who wouldn't smile at a Gemma Correll inspired work?

  2. Ms. M I completely agree that painting is therapeutic, I don't know what I would have done without my paint set. During stressful times painting seems to slow things down so you feel so relaxed, also the colors make me happy.:)

  3. i knew you guys would get it! hey, i'll include some of my pieces in your xmas package. it's mostly for good humor. i get a kick out of the chubbies.