It Might Get Loud

If you haven't seen the brilliant documentary, It Might Get Loud...DO IT!! This beautiful film brings together 2 living legends and genius musicians, Jimmy Page and The Edge, and the mega-talented, Jack White, and gives them the venue to discuss their craft, their music and their guitars.

A friend described this film as 'inspirational' ... he was right ... it will give you a chill.


  1. i hadn't even heard of this... where have i been? you know, i totally love the edge....a cousin once said he thought my dad looked somewhat like him and ever since then i have a bigger affinity towards him. he's quietly elegant!

  2. It was at the Little. Chris just happens to be a big Led Zeppelin fan. I didn't think I would ever like it as much as I did but its fantastic.

    Excellent way to describe Edge...he's quiet, elegant,as you say...an amazing person. Jimmy Page is Jimmy Page...a legend...pure and simple.
    Jack White will blow you away.

  3. Yes the Edge is very elegant and cool. Such a great movie, I'd love to see it again.