...because parents are awesome!

I am just crazy about this blog celebrating the awesomeness of parents. I am not exactly sure where I would be without mine. Needless to say, I am one lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl.

*This oh-so-cool couple is not my parents. They are kind of a place holder until I can scan in a picture of my own amazing parents. Hope you might do the same:)


  1. i heard the creator of this blog on NPR the other night and thought it was a brilliant idea! love this couple....so cool looking.

    i feel exactly the same about my parents..and i hope one day my kid thinks i'm somewhat cool too.....yikes.

  2. I found this blog through another blog and I think its just brilliant. The pics are amazing. I think its easy to forget how cool are parents once were....and still are!!

  3. What a great blog! We have the best parents!! :-)