The Parade

So really...who doesn't love a parade! And the granddaddy of all parades happens tomorrow. Of course its the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I haven't missed one in probably 30 years and even though this year I'll be out running the local Turkey Trot (2.5 miles to get me going for the upcoming shopping weekend)...I always manage to squeeze in a little parade watching. One of my all-time favorite Thanksgivings was in '97, when I traveled down to NJ/NYC to visit Ms. M. I arrived on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. As I recall, we got up well before dawn and headed into NYC on Thanksgiving day to see the parade in person. This, unlike so many things in in life did not disappoint. It totally lived up to the hype and was such a day of fun and spirit...I will never forget it!

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