They're back...and they made my day!

Today, I was not looking forward to work. In the midst of an overwhelming project that I thought would never end, I stopped in Starbucks for my favorite nonfat Latte, with a sprinkle of vanilla...guess what was awaiting me? The holiday Red Cups!! They are particularly beautiful this year and nothing gets me in the holiday mood more that a hot drink in this festive cup.

Can't wait till the seasonal drinks (Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Latte) hit the menu next!


  1. This is dangerous! I did have a peppermint latte a while ago when I worked a weekend day (i totally needed to treat myself!)....and i think i'll have to do this again when i work on sunday (total bummer!). i love those cups! aren't they a bit early though?

    i've seen target's xmas stuff already and it's scaring me a bit!

  2. You know, I think they bring the cups out now right after Halloween. It used to be around Thanksgiving but now they don't waste a minute!

    I am terrible though...I'd be happy if the Xmas stuff came out in August :)

  3. Yay!! The red cups! Kate didn't you buy a red cup christmas ornament last year? I might have to get one too, Starbucks is the best!
    I know how you especially love these cups so you must be excited about the early start.:)

  4. You are right Laura! And not only did I buy an adorable red cup Xmas ornament, I bought a travel mug that looks just like a Venti red cup! I only us it during the holidays and I love it!