Happy Pre-holiday weekend...and good luck!

So sorry to all that I've been so blog delinquent. So much to do these days...and so little time. Tonight, I am going to the thesis show for a dear friend (and talented photographer) at the Visual Studies Workshop. This weekend, I'll begin readying the house for the holidays...and I'll be thinking of Ms. M on Sunday. Not that you need it..but all my best wishes for the best of luck!

I hope everyone has the most awesome weekend!


  1. have a great weekend, katie!! and thanks a million for thinking of me and wishing me & b luck!....we'll need it!

    i finally handed in our home study packet (it took us a good two hours to assemble all documents!!!) this morning and i've been nervous since...... it's hard to let go of something that i've worked hard to assemble.

    so think of us sunday at 7pm...!

  2. You don't need luck Ms. M...you guys are fabulous and I know they will think so too!

  3. I love this picture!! Have an awesome weekend!!