CB Xmas

You know who has the absolute greatest Christmas ornaments? Crate and Barrel. The very first ornaments I bought for my own tree (which was oh, about 18 years ago) were from the (then) brand new Crate & Barrel at Montgomery Mall (in my old hometown in Maryland), I am still using them today and they still make me smile. Every year I like to add one or two more C&B ornaments to my collection. And even though Target and Pier 1 (and even Wegmans) have pretty awesome ornaments, C&B will always have my faves.


  1. How funny, I was just discussing Crate and Barrel with my friend Eryn this morning. They are opening a C&B at the Ross Park Mall!! Very exciting!
    These ornaments are so cute!!

  2. You are SO lucky! Well now I am excited too because it is just one more reason so visit Pitt! I cannot believe you are getting a C&B!! I can't wait!

  3. first, crate & barrel is the best! second, i love their ornaments and i was thrilled when katie gave me a wonderful xmas package filled w/ all c&b ornaments! i still have some that are hanging in my kitchen window all year long!

    laura, i'm thrilled that you're getting your own store!!!woo hoo!

  4. I am so glad you loved that Xmas gift Ms. M. I had so much picking out the ones I wanted to give to you.

    If I could, I'd have a 100% C&B home!