I can seeeeee you :)

If you know me, then you know I have 2 types of obsessions...those that are fleeting (but momentarily intense) and those that never, ever go away. A few examples of the latter...Starbucks, nail polish and those incredibly ubiquitous (for now at least) stacking bracelets. You've all heard about these...gosh knows I pontificate about them on this blog endlessly. However, you may not know about another one. I am completely, 100% gone for window gels. I don't know when these things started popping up...all I do know is that I was hooked when I bought my first set a few Christmas' back. And I put them every where...at home (Chris thinks I'm nuts) and all over the place at work (my student workers and colleagues kindly tolerate this seemingly childish and silly love). I buy them for every season and holiday and I am not sure there is anything that makes me happier. Why? Easy. They are cheap, fun and so cute. It might seem silly but the next time you are in Target, pick up a pack (they always have them...always) , put them on your favorite window and see if they don't make you smile.

*Loving these Halloween themed gels from the Paper Source.

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