if you don't get it, get over it.....

You know what I'm peeved about??? There are people out there who don't get the Missoni stuff at Target.  OK... That's fine, right?  People have the right to make their own opinions.  
What I cannot stand are the ones who have no idea who or what Missoni is in the first place and sit there and criticize what they see from the Target merchandise.  UGGHH!  
So you don't get fashion, I get that.  So you know nothing about good taste, I get that.... (OK..that was  not kind) BUT please don't just criticize a brand that has a long history in the fashion industry and has produced some really beautiful knits...without actual knowledge of who they are.
Yeah, I agree there are some not-so-great stuff in their Target collection...but I also appreciate the fact they even collaborated with Target on creating a more affordable line for the masses!  
I've loved the various collaborations that Target has had with fashion designers and even though not every single item in each of these collections is 100% great or high quality, I think it's fun to see all the possibilities of having a lower priced line.  
Too bad there are people are out who just don't get what fashion is about.
You're missing out on some fun!

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  1. Amen KJ!!! May I ask ... what set you off? Anything in particular? Not that I can't imagine. Stupid people. Yesterday, when I went to Target, I FORCED Chris to read the signs they have posted throughout the store on the history of Missoni because, as you said, this company did not come out of nowhere. They have been around for years and have some of the more unique and recognizable styles in fashion. Luckily based on the great website crash of yesterday and the fact the stores (in Rochester!!) have been picked clean, my guess is that a lot of people did get it...and I love it!