Oh weekend...I hardly knew 'ye

'Nuff said...right. *Via the always brilliant Gemma
So, you may or may not know (I've done a few posts about it in the past) that I am totally fascinated by the concept of the 'weekend look'. I just think it's interesting that we go to these great pains (well, some of us do) to look formal and professional during the week and then on the weekend all bets are off. I have to admit, I just love a good 'weekend' look. I think one of the things that started my interest in this concept was a few years ago, when I ran into a colleague on a Sunday. This colleague is always quite formal and put together at work. Seriously, she looked exactly the same on a Sunday afternoon as she does on a Thursday morning, sitting in her office. It was weird and I am not kidding, there she was, jewelry, make-up, the works. Now I am not saying it would be better if I had seen her in sweat pants and an NFL sweatshirt (though who can resist that once in a while...Go Redskins! :) but geez, you have a couple days to flaunt casual, comfortable chic...why not do it! On Refinery 29 this morning, I noticed that Timex is running a contest on the most fabulous weekend look. I've asked it before and I'll ask it again...what's your weekend look?

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