J.Crew at Fashion Week....Hmmmm..What to make of it???

So what do you think about J.Crew hitting the runways????  Take a look at some of their Spring 2012 fashions....
I'm not sure what to think yet...I have a sneaky suspicion that their prices are going to go up even further now!

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  1. Interesting post and question KJ. I have seen some of the images and I am kind of on the fence, like it sounds you are as well. Since apparently everyone has a runway show these days, JCrew might as well. The looks...eh...they're ok. I really wish I liked JCrew these days as much as I think I should. But with the outrageous prices (did I seriously see a $300 pair of jeans in the last catalog) I really have crossed them off the list of places I shop regularly. Much more obsessed with Lands End Canvas these days. Great prices and quality=love!