Big weekend...BIG Game

 Only 2 words you need to know going into this weekend kids...SUPER BOWL.So excited for the big game! No, I'm not a fan of either team as you know but by default the NY Giants get my support. Love Victor Cruz and punter Steve Weatherford's awesome celebration after their win over the 49ers was an instant classic (hey, watch that language Steve :)

Tweet of the week belonged to Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich. 100% awesome.

Did you know it's the 20th anniversary of the Redskins demolition of the Bills in Super Bowl XXVI?  Man, those were the days :)

The WSJ online had a great article yesterday on Super Bowl food...apparently Super Bowl Sunday is considered as big an eating 'holiday' as Thanksgiving?!? Proving once again that we take our sports and, more importantly, our food very seriously :) Chris and I do Super Bowl sushi from Wegmans...they also have an insane 'Monster' wing bar on game day and encourage everyone to wear paraphernalia from their favorite team. Sooo fun! (By the way, how much fun is the Wegmans ad campaign for sushi ... 'It even comes in a huddle'. Genius :)

And to kick the party off, a wonderful patron (and fellow football fan...so rare in my work world) brought me a fabulous fruit basket as a thank you. How lovely are people? Really, pretty darn lovely!

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