The girl's still got it

Superbowl XLVI...you may be in the history books this morning, but you sure as heck did not disappoint. The game...awesome. Kelly Clarkson's national anthem performance...well, it's like Laura said...I think she may have actually uh, rehearsed...she killed it. But let's talk halftime show. So I was pretty much under the belief (having hardly been proved wrong in the last, oh, I don't know 20 Super Bowls) that doing a good show in the half time venue was impossible. Like I said, I've barely ever seen one that wasn't embarrassing at the least, so why should I believe that it could happen. And then came Madonna. Why, oh why do I ever doubt the woman? With gorgeous costumes by Givenchy and a cast of (seemingly) a thousand, Madonna brought the house down.

Say what you will, the woman will always and forever have fabulous taste.

Bringing in Cee-Lo...100% genius.

Me...in my fave Redskins shirt...ready for the BIG GAME!

Our Superbowl feast...sushi, wings, guac...all the traditional BIG GAME foods :)

*Chris and I have a running joke on the BIG GAME. We both think it's awesome/hilarious that it's pretty much all you hear for the 2 weeks before.

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