On feeling vindicated

There was a post on The Sartorialist yesterday that really caught my attention not so much for how his subject looked (though she was smashing, no doubt). It was actually more for something she said. In the brief interview published, Victoire Chopinaud, a fashion student at an elite institute in Paris said,

"I keep in mind Chanel’s advice not to exceed 3 colors in one outfit"

Fascinating, no? Did you know this was Coco's philosophy? Do you think this way when you dress? I have been subconsciously doing this my whole life so of course, felt so vindicated when I read this. Especially when I think back ... on folks whose style I certainly don't admire in the least, who've said I dress 'boring'...simply because I didn't have every color in the rainbow incorporated into an outfit. Hmmm...vindication is so sweet...and where are those people now :)

*Photo via The Sartorialist...legs outside a Chanel show...brilliant.

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  1. i saw this too and took note of the comment... i feel the same.... i would venture to say i might even pick two most times...but venture to 3 too!
    i think this way about jewelry too---- like i don't go all out and do rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings...if it's a cluster of bracelets it's good...but i won't be dangling from all body parts! :)