The Boulevard Diederot, the motherland and Pinterst

Oh kids...I have to be totally honest with you...at least for the moment, I have a totally new love ... Pinterest. Have you all discovered it yet? Are you on it? I am not even going to go into detail because I know that our stylish and savy readers already know all about it. If you don't, sign up for an account right this second. It is the single most fun thing online EVER. You know those fabulous inspiration boards we've talked about on this blog for years...well, in a nutshell, Pinterest is basically that but online. Sure, it is a huge time suck..mostly because it's just so much fun. I will try never ever to neglect out beloved Ooh La La but right now...Pinterst is tugging at my heart. I haven't figured out how you can find me if you wanted to do that...but I'm out there and I'd love to see you out there too.   I just 'pinned' the photo above to my board dedicated to black and white photography...'Boulevard Diederot' by the master Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I've also been thinking a lot about my homeland (well, I'm first generation Greek anyway). I have faith, that in the end, Greece will survive but right now, they are just hurting themselves. So very sad.

*Photo of Laura at Sounion.

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