Do I dare get excited?

I don't want to bring this subject up again...but Jason Wu for Target looks to be a potentially fabulous and it's coming in days. I am reluctant to get too excited after the Missoni-mess (which admittedly I wasn't even part of...there is no way on earth I am ever going to cry and  carry-on about not getting, well, anything). I just spotted this little number from the collection on the Vogue site. I have to say, it's is awfully adorable. Oh well, let the fun (and chaos) begin :)

*By the way, after all that insanity did you know you can find a lot of that Missioni stuff that people went berzerko over for cut rates on eBay. Well, of course...who didn't see that coming.

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  1. well, i'm gearing up to go... and to multiple stores if i find good stuff. i'm willing to suffer for fashion!