Mac and Fromage :)

As you kids know, I love playing around in the kitchen. I am, by no means, any kind of skilled chef. What I've learned has been self taught and is all trial-and-error and experimentation. I love cookbooks and food magazines and blogs, but most importantly, I really dig a delicious meal. All that said, I've kind of stumbled my way into cooking. I totally love trying new and crazy things but every once in a while, good ole' fashioned comfort fare is all I am about. 

Lately, I've been seeing so many recipes, for so many varieties of mac and cheese. I ask you, is there anything more delicious? For me it's all about the cheese because, while some of you out there are chocoholics (very understandable), I am a 100% bonfide, diehard cheese-aholic. I am going to make the dish above tonight...spotted the recipe on Everybody Love Sandwiches.

This Martha Stewart recipe actually got dubbed the 'Perfect' Baked Macaroni and Cheese!
Saveur has a link to some fantastic mac and cheese recipes. I made this one above..it's a classic rendition.

Greek style mac and cheese. Hello...delicious!

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