Small Brick Design

I was in the Lego store here in New York City sometime not that long ago and I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be cool to have a wall of my apartment built out of Legos?" What appealed to me about the idea is the potential for designing cool colors and geometric shapes into the wall. Well, of course, it's now been done. (Funny how you have an idea and then you find out someone else had that same idea but how cool that someone actually made it happen!) Melissa Marks and Vicente Caride built this wall to separate their 10-year old son, Archie's, room from the rest of the apartment. (See more pics of the awesome place at nymag.com.) The coolest thing about it is that Archie can add and take away pieces as he wishes, building cool structures on top of the existing wall. Amazing!

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  1. I love any reference, any article, anything at all that has to do with legos. They are a design masterpiece that allows people to create design masterpieces. Brilliant!