A gift...from me to me :)

I just ordered (and received!)  a little early birthday gift for myself. Remember these Kate Spade 'Spade' earrings that I was loving weeks back. Well, first they were there...and then they were sold out...and then they were back. Of course I adore them and know that I will be wearing them everyday for the forseeable future but when it comes to our lovely friend and hero Kate Spade, you know I have to comment on the packaging. Seriously, can you believe this fantastic box?!? Purple lid with red box and gold print. Honestly, the box alone is a work of art :)

And just as an aside, I realize the the 'spade' symbol which cleverly and adorably pops up on Kate's designs here, there and everywhere, is really her symbol but do you think she might share with me? I never imagined I could love this little symbol so much and I seem to buy it every chance I get :)

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  1. of course i should first say "happy pre-birthday"...does that even exist? oh well, it should!

    i have these too!! i've been wearing mine for the past few months...and i wore these when i met Jack in Korea.. just one of those good luck things..... i love love these earrings!