Indugle me...just one more time...pretty pleeeeease :)

Sick of every other post on Ooh La La Du Jour being about how glorious I find stripes? Yes, I know you are ... but you are just too polite to say it, right? Well, today you can blame awesome posts on Fashionologie and The Cut for the latest installment of 'Katie P's Stripe Round-up'. I am just loving that Chance is pretty much a one-stop-shop for my stripe addiction. They even have a section on-line called...you guessed it...'Stripes'!!! Here's a few faves I'm adding to my summer wish list (which probably have been on the blog before but are just too good not to post again :)
A variation of the traditional stripes
Skinny stripes

Madewell's adorable espadrilles which I am getting this year!!

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