Guest Blog - The Dress

I'm sure, when I write "The Dress", you probably all know which one I'm talking about. Even Michelle Obama didn't get this much buzz around her inauguration dress. NY Times did an entertaining write up on what a flawless success it was. I'm happy to see Kate join the pantheon of fashionable first ladies of which I will most certainly include Carla Bruni and yes, Michelle Obama. Here's to many more royally stunning outfits.

~JP Pullos

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  1. You get the final word on 'the dress' Jp! And a beauty it truly was. I'm not as in love with the new princess' taste (as least what I've seen so far) as most everyone seems to be but I am quite interested to see where she goes with this. Of course I am a great fan of Carli Bruni...her days as an ex-model catapult her to the top of the first lady heap. And Michelle Obama...well, the media desperately wants us to believe she is a fashion plate...she certainly wants to be one...but sadly, merely wanting it does not make it so.