Wonky blogger...wonky week...and Friday the 13th to boot!

I have no idea what was in the water this week but everything seemed a bit off...don't you think? Well, for starters, blogspot has been out of commission for like, a day. Kind of threw the whole blogging rhythm off but then again, it's been tough for me to keep up with my '2-a-day'post rule lately anyway. I already mentioned that graduation is this Sunday and has posed a major distraction all week. The preparations continue (above) as spring finally hits Rochester :)
The usual Chris-related chaos continues at home. He has about one billion things he is trying to do at once...so the trickle down to me is a whole lot of troubleshooting. This photo from the Death Valley shoot just says it all...yes, that is Chris on the motorcycle in the background and yes, he is wearing a zebra-suit. Tell me Mike (the first AD on the project) isn't saying it all with that look.
Baby Jack turns 11 months old today. He was a little under the weather all week, but that didn't stop KJ from snapping this awesome, "Who you think you dealing with' pic of our favorite boy.

The Lilac Festival officially kicked off on this gorgeous spring afternoon and according to all sources, the guests of honor are in full bloom. OK, this poster is from last year but I have to admit I think it's adorable and way cuter than this year's version.
And finally, finally, finally after months of waiting, I am headed to see Bill Cunningham New York  this weekend. I can barely contain my excitement! Have a fabulous weekend kids! We totally earned this one!

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