Light on the posts...heavy on the nostalgia

It is senior week here at the U of R and the 161st commencement will take place this Sunday, May 15. The graduating class of 2011, began their work here back in September of 2007, which will always be very significant to me since I was away during that time. I think I will always identify closely with the class of 2011...so happy I've been able to watch them advance through their senior year. As much as I love the excitement of the beginning of the school year, this week is my favorite on campus. Our wonderful guest blogger JP Pullos said to me, on the event of his graduation in 1998, that the ceremony and tradition of this time is really enveloped in every imaginable emotion. I always remember the way he described  it as an end and a beginning, how family swarmed in and how pride ran rampant but expectations ran even higher.

It's at this time of year that I feel so lucky to work on a college campus. As preparations are made and seniors take in all that they've accomplished, I realize how much I enjoy being even a tiny part of their lives during this truly unforgettable time. 

Kudos Class of 2011! I won't forget you any time soon :)

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