Ugh...what a Friday. But a happy happy Mother's Day weekend!

So, today has been a little bit on the hectic side to say the least...beginning last night with a flat tire on the way home...and then discovering that my wonderful new iPhone is not working properly. Add to all that a ton of paperwork left over from the Death Valley shoot and my own work and well, this has just been a nutty day. Thank heavens for Chris taking care of my car or this would all be a gigantic pain. But enough of my complaining because it's all about mom's this weekend right? I have to say, if you kids have moms half as amazing as mine, you owe her big time this weekend. I  know I do. Here are a few of my favorite pics of my mom from years past.  The one above...in the Albright-Knox museum in Buffalo.
Mowing that lawn...no one ever did it better :)
Enjoying a delicious bowl of clam chowder in Barnacle Billy's in Ogunquit, Maine.  There is no one really like my mom and like a lot of you out there, I owe everything to her. The quality of my life is a 100% by-product of her love, hard-work, determination and intelligence. What would I do without her...I don't know...I don't want to know :)

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