One word...Bill

A lot has been written on Ooh La La Du Jour about street fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham. KJ and I have been fans of his NY Times column for many years and our wonderful guest blogger, JP Pullos has even worked along side the man. I finally had the chance to see the documentary Bill Cunningham New York this weekend and ... well ... there are just no words to describe how much I adore this man...how much I admire him, not just for his work but as a human being. If you have a chance, re-read KJ's fabulous perspective on this film and on the man because I could not agree with her more. Also try to re-read JP's post, which gives an amazing insider perspective.

Just a few choice words to describe Bill...hmmm...how about humble, talented, intelligent and creative...but more than that, there is something about his philosophy of life and work that makes him truly the most unique person I can recall in recent memory. He lives simply and (there's that word again) humbly. In fact, if everyone lived and acted like this man, it goes without saying that the world would be a truly lovely place. His single-minded passion for fashion is like nothing you have ever seen. The integrity of his work is something mere mortals like ourselves can only hope to marginally acheive. You know, when I left the theater on Friday night...I felt better about humanity...and I can't remember the last time someone made me feel like that.

It seems that anything I write will not do this man and this documentary justice. We ran into a dear friend at the theater before the screening who had already seen the film (twice) and she said, "You just have to see it to believe it'. Very well said. I could write all day about Bill Cunningham and I still won't be able to do him the justice he deserves...which is kind of frustrating...but something I accept. The richness of his character, the depth of his talent, the strength of his integrity..I am just not a strong enough writer to ever capture all these elements of the man. Thankfully, we have a film that does. And we have Bill...who, by the very way he lives his life, give us all something to aspire to.

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