And now...on to summer :)

OK, kids...you know what time it is...and you know you love it! The unofficial start of the summer season begins this weekend...well, today, as far as I'm concerned. The Friday before the Memorial Day weekend is one of the quietest of the year at the library and I am ready for the break. What loveliness do you have planned? I will say that I am a little down, if only because the weather today is as gloomy as I have seen it. Man, cloudy, cool and massive fog (of all things) are really putting a damper on my good mood but I refuse to let it get me down. After work today I am going shopping!!!!! A sure fire way to pick up the spirits! I haven't been shoppping in months (literally) so I can't wait to see what the stores (LL Bean and H&M in particular) have been up to lately. Chris and I have a bunch of yard work planned for Sunday, including mulching ... everywhere. Saturday night is a 'Fight Night' so you know Chris is getting excited...but other than that, it will be a lot of hanging out...and hoping for some decent weather.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing...make sure it's a fitting kick-off to our favorite season :)

XOXO Katiep

*Beautiful photo of Zeus at sunset on the beach of Kiawah Island, by Laura

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