Memorial Day weekend - A recap

Hi kids!! I know I'm a day late welcoming you all back from the long and lovely holiday weekend. I actually had to take ONE MORE day off because I totally overdid it during the big 3 day. Well, maybe these pics will give you an idea why...it all started with the big red truck with 5 yards (!!!) of mulch. Chris used to work for the local landscaping (and snow removal) company, Property Care (which his good friend owns). This gave us the privileged access we needed to one of their work vehicles ... and what seemed like a ton of mulch.
A pic of my front yard before the action began on Sunday.

And a pic of the work, in progress...
There's Chris, trimming that hedge...I did all the clean up :)
...and voila! 8 hours later (I had to take this pic the next day because it was dark out when we finally finished:)...the front yard...trimmed, weeded and fully mulched.
...and the back yard.

It took forever but when it was all done and the yard looked so gorgeous...well it was all worth it!

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