Tips (and laughs) from A Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard's blog A Cup of Jo is always a joy but she's had a few posts in the last couple days that have knocked it out of the park (something to aspire to if you have a blog, I say). One is her tip for these facial towelettes. I simply must must must wash my face before bed and after workouts or...well, lets just say, it's not pretty. But man, the older I get, the more crushingly tired I get and sometimes I (horror) go to bed without washing my face. Or worse, I workout and then run errands all afternoon with my face all nasty sweaty. Aside from putting innocent bystanders through the grossness of looking at me in this state, it's pretty bad for my skin. Well, on her suggestion, I just picked up this product and I am already in love. Absolutely great tip!!

Also, you simply must see her post titled Pilsner Cravings and featuring her baby son. I admit to skipping over a lot of her baby post but this one is...inspired and hilariously adorable :)


  1. i chuckled when i read this one because I use this!!! love the whole product line...the carrot stuff is genius and basically love all their stuff!!

    and the pilsner post is absolutely crazy funny!!! love love love... funny cause we've thought about giving jack a "sip"....just to see what he'd do! guess joanna is a better parent for staying away from that one! :)

  2. Well of course you use these!! You are always in the know on the best stuff! This is why you must must must post!!! And these towelettes have saved me from becoming one giant breakout!

    I thought you would appreciate the Pilsner post. Funniest thing ever!