One of my favorite parts of the weekend is the little bit of light shopping I do right after I leave the gym on Saturday mornings. It's pretty much always the same...first, a stop at Starbucks and then, on to Target. Of course, since it's Target, I always find something I have to have but really don't need. This time...well, how could I not buy this little pillow I found in the dollar section. The beach, the smiling crab...come on...so little money for so much joy :)


  1. Love that you found this for a dollar at Target. If your post had been $100 from an Etsy seller, I would have believed you. It's the cutest pillow I've ever seen in my life!

  2. Thanks JP!! Truthfully the pillow is $2.50...and I am thinking it's the best way I have spent 2 bucks in a long time :) Now that you've given me the thumbs up I can really enjoy it!