lovin this look in the summer

Hi everyone...I think I can say I am "officially" back!  What a great day to start, right? It's Katie's fabby birthday and it's the first day of summer....I am also back at work today (but not for too long...just a month or so longer...and then maybe part time..but that's for later)... 
What better way to celebrate summer than to have some cool looks to swoon over..What I  love about this woman above (beautifully shot by The Sartorialist) is that her outfit could be for so many seasons...spring, summer or early fall....and the small details are impeccable (the neon belt, her watch, the hat, the way her hair falls).  The look is effortless and timeless.


  1. Hooray!!! KJ is back. So lovely to see your posts again KJ. I really feel as though I am out of the loop until I know what you think is cool! As you can see, our dear friend JP Pullos has been posting for us too. Between the 2 of you, I feel that I have all the info I need to know!

    By the way, this look is simply smashing!!

    Side note...are you having trouble posting pics. I have been trying to put up a post but the pics aren't loading...hmmmm.

  2. yes, it's very nice to have JP on board!...i haven't tried posting anything today so i'm not sure about the pics.... i've noticed blogger having more issues lately.... not good!

    it's nice to be back...! :)